TYR is one of the most popular brands of triathlon wetsuits. They make a variety of suits, from entry-level to high-end. The Hurricane Category 1 is their entry-level suit. This review is of for the sleeveless model but they also make a fuil-cut version.

TYR have worked with world-class experts to help develop their equipment. Andy Potts, who won the half-Ironman Word Championships in 2007, world with TYR’s designers on the Hurricane product line.

One of the most beneficial parts of the suit is the buoyancy. TYR have placed Yamamoto Nano SCS Coated 5mm neoprene panels on the legs and torso, to help keep the swimmer buoyant. This thickness of material is the maximum allowed under USAT regulation and helps weaker swimmers to maintain a good body position and conserve energy. TYR call this feature “Speed Wrap Paneling.”

Another feature TYR has added to its Hurricane line of suits is called “Free ROM Zone.”  ROM stands for Range of Motion and, essentially, this just means that they have used materials around the shoulders that allow the swimmer to be less constrained during the “reach” phase of the stroke. This is important, as most swim coaches recommend a long reach to begin each stoke. Having said that range of motion in the shoulders isn’t as much a challenge for anyone wearing sleeveless suits.

TYR have added Quick Release Ankle Cuffs to help during the swim/bike transition. They provide a tight fit during the swim — to help stop water from seeping in to the suit — and then release quickly at the transition zone.

The suit is a great, all-round, entry-level suit. It’s affordable and can last for several seasons. TYR also offer the Hurricane C1 wetsuit in a full-cut version. For anyone wanting extra buoyancy, check out TYR’s Hurricane Category 5 weskit, which adds “360 degree Core Stablization Panels”.