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Should I cup my hands when I swim?

One common question beginner triathletes often ask is whether they should cup their hand when pulling underwater. This question is understandable since it may seem that cupping the hand would help the swimmer scoop more water. However, this is not the case. Let’s refer to a section from the book “Essential Swim Skills for Beginner…

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Restube inflated triathlete

Restube Buyers Guide

Beginner triathletes are often anxious about the swim leg. That’s completely natural. If anything should happen while on the run or bike, you simply sit on the side of the road and wait for help. But being in open water is different. There are several ways to overcome this fear, including developing a relaxed swim…

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Open Water Swimming Tips for Triathletes

What are the best open-water swim tips for triathletes?

Swimming in open-water is very different from swimming in a pool. Underwater visibility, water currents, temperature, and maintaining the correct direction are just a few of the challenges. Here are some tips for open-water swimming for triathletes: Practice in Open-Water There’s nothing better to prepare you for swimming in open-water than taking the plunge…. literally.…

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The Pros and Cons of Fin Training

Fins can make swimming more enjoyable by giving you a fish-like experience. However, as a triathlete, you may not require a killer freestyle kick as much as a swim sprinter does since you need to conserve your lower body for the bike and run. Nevertheless, your kick is crucial to maintaining the right body position…

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Practice Bilateral Breathing

Most swimmers have a natural breathing side — normally the side of the dominant (writing) hand, but not always. It’s fine to exclusively breathe to this side because it’s important that your breathing fits into your rhythm, the same way it does on the run and bike legs. Come race day, finding a rhythm is…

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