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We’re practicing breathing in this workout. I encourage you to practice timing and relaxing. During the warm up, hang on to the side and bob. Practice yoga breathing in through mouth and out through nose. Relax. The Stroke Set and Main Set both have drills to practice upfront swimming. Breathing early in the pull while the opposite arm is extended opens up a long window to take a breath. Commit to relaxed swimming during this workout.

In this workout, we’re practicing Upfront Swimming, a.k.a Front Quadrant Swimming. (See the description in the sidebar below.) Upfront Swimming is key to a smooth, relaxed stroke. The Main Set uses a pull buoy and snorkel, so that you can isolate your timing without thinking about kicking or turning your head to breathe. If you don’t have this equipment, don’t worry. Just swim. Stretch out your stroke. Relax.