FINIS Swim Snorkel


This swim snorkel is one of the most popular today and helps the swimmer find the correct body position. Great product.


Snorkels can help a swimmer to find the correct head and body position. Without having to turn your head to breathe, you can focus on swimming in a “downhill” position.

The FINIS Swim Snorkel is one of the most popular pieces of equipment on pool decks today. The snorkel fits on the forehead, rather than the side of the head, as with traditional snorkels. This makes sure that the snorkel isn’t hit by the swimmer’s arm or shoulder. The head strap is easily adjusted and allows for distance between the forehead and mouthpiece to be adjusted for comfort.

The FINIS snorkel is elliptical shaped, to help minimize drag and the mouthpiece is made with medical grade silicone.

FINIS also makes a model specifically for freestyle swimmers. This model has an extra “kink” in the snorkel, making it track the swimmer’s head. The snorkel outlet is closer to the water, so the regular model shown on this page is better if you are a beginner, plan on doing other strokes or will be practicing in choppy water.

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