FINIS Freestyle Swim Snorkel


This snorkel is specifically designed to help swimmers with their freestyle. The shape allows the swimmer to place their face deeper into the water than a regular snorkel. It's worth having.


The FINIS Freestyle swim snorkel is designed to help swimmers find the best head and body position. The snorkel has a center-mount, which makes sure that it does not interfere with the swimmer’s arm motion.

The snorkel is designed to help freestylers achieve a lower head position, which makes for a better body position. The mouthpiece is made with surgical-grade silicone and the snorkel tube is elipitical, to help minimize drag.

In addition to helping swimmers practice the best head and body position, the snorkel also helps increased CO2 tolerance and VO2 max. An option Cardio Cap restricts the air intake by 40%, helping the swimmer develop their endurance.

The snorkel allows the swimmer focus on body rotation. Without having to lift or turn their head to breathe, the swimmer can concentrate on rotating the hips and shoulders.

This is a great piece of equipment for any triathlete.

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