Extended Dog Paddle

Body rotation is an important trick to learn. It will help you swim through the water with greater efficiency. This is one of the harder drills to help practice body rotation. By removing the over-the-water recovery, it focuses you entirely on the underwater pull. It’s hard because the recovery is through the water, which causes resistance.

How to…

  • Push off the wall and kick freestyle in a streamline position.
  • Start pulling through the water with one arm.
  • As you push through to your thigh, reach with the lead arm and rotate you body.
  • Both arms should be straight – one forward, one back – with your legs kicking.
  • Now, switch. Start pulling with the lead arm and recover the lagging arm through the water – close to your body – until it becomes the lead arm.
  • Stretch and rotate.
  • To breathe, turn your head as you switch sides.


Coach’s Tips

  • Consider using a snorkel for this drill. That way, you can focus on rotation.