However, although this book is simple, the information shared here can have powerful results for you. As with learning anything new, the largest strides are often made from learning and applying basic concepts.

The six skills I’ve chosen to focus on in this book were selected because they are foundational. These are the skills that, after teaching hundreds of swimmers, deliver the biggest results.

The Six Essential Skills are: 

  1. Body Position
  2. Kick
  3. Arm Recovery
  4. Hand Entry
  5. Underwater Pull
  6. Timing

But simply learning about these essential skills won’t make you a better swimmer; you must apply them….practice them. The purpose of this book is to prime you for the workouts posted on Each workout has reminders of the concepts, but this book gives the details.

Each of the workouts posted there are purposefully created to practice one or more of the essential skills outlined in this book. Most of these workouts include drills to help isolate the essential skills.

I hope the information in this book and the online workouts help you gain confidence and, dare I say, enjoyment from the swim leg.If you have any questions, please contact me by visiting