Back Flutter Kick with a Roll

Finding the right “balance” is key to swimming. When a swimmer is balanced, they are working with the water, not against it. Finding the right balance is a matter of practice and it’s always good to get an all-round feel for the water — learn what it feels like to be balanced on your back, your front and your side.

This drill builds off of the regular back flutter drill and adds a roll. It helps learn to maintain balance, plus develops the kick as part of a body roll.

How to…

  • Start this drill by floating on your back with your arms relaxed by your side.
  • Once balanced, start rotating your body while keeping your head steady.
  • Bring your shoulder towards your chin.
  • Think about kicking water to the left-up-right-up-left-etc, as you roll.</li>

Coach’s Tips

  • If your legs are dropping, try dropping your shoulder blades deeper while pushing your hips up. Note: When you push your shoulder blades down, put you chin a little closer to your chest, otherwise water will wash over your face
  • Focus on using both sides of your feet.</li>