Hi. I’m Coach Paul.

I’m a life-long swimmer and coach. I swam on club, college and national teams when I was a youngster, then I turned my attention to coaching.

I love to help people learn to enjoy swimming as much as I do. In the past, I’ve helped kids, masters swimmer and triathletes.

Here’s why I created this site…

I know a lot of triathletes. They often ask me for help with their swimming technique. As I speak with them, two things emerge…

Maybe you can relate…

“I feel like I can handle the bike and run…if I can only make it through the swim.”​

First, many triathletes dread the swim. It’s exhausting and feels unnatural. Their legs sink. They swallow water when they try to breathe. They feel like they are going nowhere fast and by the time the swim is finished, they’re exhausted…

It doesn’t have to be like this. There are a handful of stroke adjustments that, if you practice them often, they’ll transform your freestyle into a long, relaxing stroke.

I promise.

The course section of the Members Area gives you everything you need to know. There are seven skills.

You should start by reading all the way through each skill. I’ve kept each section very short and non-technical, so it won’t take you long to read it.

Then refer back to it, as a refresher, when you’re about to practice the skill.

Here’s the second thing I hear from beginner triathletes…

“I don’t have a coach, so I don’t know what to do when I get in the pool."

Many triathlete didn’t have a coach and didn’t know how to train. They get in the pool and aren’t sure what to do next…

The best workouts are intentional.

Before you get to the pool, you should know what sets you’re swimming, which equipment you’ll use and — most important — which part of your freestyle technique you’ll work on.

This way, you’re working on improving your efficiency and swim stamina at the same time.

Swimming will become easier for you because your stroke is improving and you’re getting swim fit.

As a Member, you have access to  my Workout library. Each workout uses sets, drills, equipment and pointers to help you practice one of the skills covered in the course.

Hit me up…

Whether you’re concerned about the swim or simply want to learn how to swim more efficiently, I hope this course and the workouts help you.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions or comments on what I’ve posted.