#22 – Body Position – Kick w/ Arms by Side

Finding the right body position can be a true moment of enlightenment. Everything starts fitting into place when your body position is right. We’ll use a kick drill during the Stroke Work Set and then some pulling in the Main Set. Throughout this set explore various body positions. Small adjustments can make a huge difference. Be sure to read the Skill & Drill comments below. Have fun!

#6 – Body Position | Tarzan

Today we’re working on your body position. This is the Essential Skill that can deliver the greatest improvements with the least amount of effort. Establishing a neutral body position can immediately reduce the amount of effort and increase speed at the same time. Experiment with various body positions during the Stroke Set. Maintain it under pressure in the Main Set. And practice it under race conditions in the Race Set. Have fun!

Freestyle Kick w/ Arms by Side

Kicking like crazy isn’t a good idea during the swim leg of your triathlon. The primary role of your legs during the race is to help you “balance,” as your upper-body takes on the propulsive duties. Having said that, developing a strong kick can help establish the correct technique, create a better body position and improve overall conditioning.