#9 – Arm Recovery | Thumb Up Side

Today we’re working on keeping a low arm recovery. You want to avoid reaching high and tracing a rainbow with your hand. Keep a relaxed arm as you recover over the water. The main set focuses on a related skill. We use Head Tap drill to focus on reaching through the water on entry.

#2 – Arm Recovery | Thumb Up Side

Today’s stroke work set focuses on your arm recovery. While this phase does not add anything to your forward momentum, it can dramatically change a swimmer’s underwater pull. Your hand’s entry will naturally follow the trajectory of the arm recovery, so having a compact recovery rather than swinging your hand wide and across the water is preferable. The main set includes some negative split 400s.

Finger-Tip Drag

The over-the-water recovery can’t really help the swimmer gain extra momentum. However, it can cause problems with the stroke if the swimmer’s hand swings very high or out wide.

A high recovery arch, where the hand creates a high arch, extends the downward pressure on the swimmer. This can cause the swimmer to “bounce” while swimming. By the same token, a recovery path that sees the hand take a wide berth away from the body can cause the swimmer to “snake” through the water.

This drill is designed to encourage a compact arm recovery by keeping the arm close to the body and elbow high.