Front Scull

Front Scull drill is one of the best drills to help establish your “feel” for the water and improve your freestyle catch. It’s a slow drill, but an excellent one to include during workouts or in your warm up.

How to Perform Front Scull

  1. Body Position: Start in a prone position, face down in the water, with your body aligned and flat. Your legs should be extended behind you. If you need help maintaining a neutral body position, you can use pull buoys. Otherwise use a very light flutter kick or just float your legs.
  2. Arm Placement: Extend your arms in front of you, just below the surface, with your palms facing down and slightly outwards. Bend your elbows slightly.
  3. Sculling Motion: Move your hands and forearms in a small, figure-eight pattern. The motion should mostly be generated from the wrist and forearm, not the shoulder. You are moving yourself forward by placing pressure on the water with your hand and forearm, not by pulling yourself forward. This is NOT dog paddle. Your palms face outward, then inward as you scull.
  4. Focus on Feel: As you scull, focus on feeling the water pressure against your palms and forearms. You should feel as though you are ‘holding’ or ‘gripping’ the water.

Tips for Front Scull

  • Gentle Movement: The movement should be smooth and controlled, not forceful. This is a finesse drill, not a strength drill.
  • Breathe Properly: Either lift your head to breathe when needed or use a snorkel to maintain alignment while breathing.
  • Keep Your Head Down: Looking straight down helps maintain body alignment and reduces drag.
  • Consistency: Try to maintain a consistent speed and depth with your hands during the scull.